Raise Them Up Foundation

Support and Contributions

Help support and bring good to the community.

With the aid of good-hearted individuals and organizations like you, we have been able to reach out to many families as we could and we still believe we can reach out to higher numbers with continued support.

Our Drive

On an average of every month, at RaiseThemUp Foundation, we conduct a drive to help make the community a better place for everyone. This has always been achieved through donations, volunatry work and sheer will of those who would love to see good in under previlaged communities.

September Donation Tartget


Join our drive to dress our children, mothers, elderly and unprevilaged. W e accept donations of any sort. Good looking clothes (new and used), Blankets, Bedsheets, shoes, mosquito nets and more. Get in touch with us through all platforms. Thank you.

August Drive


Feed a family in this lockdown. Donate to starving families due to the pandemic. Parents have lost jobs thus can no longer be able to feed their families as needed, bring a sign of hope and a smile to their children’s faces through donation.

Mukono August 2021

Mukono outreach was a timely activity that help many families. This outreach was funded by many individual with a helping heart. Items included food and sanitary items. You too can make child or family simile in our next outreach. Contact us for more information.

Mulago Single Mother Outreach

Our outreach in Mulago was mostly focused on single mothers in the community. We visited several people among which were single mother familes who children with autism. We visited mama Amaria whose child was born with down sysndrome. Here is her story.