Raise Them Up Foundation

Children support during Lockdown

Supporting Children can be in very different ways for example you can donate reading material such as storybooks, class textbooks, and more. During such a time as this in lockdown donating comes in handy, children at home need to keep themselves busy. You can donate holiday work books, used textbooks, and more, this will help the children focused and be able to continue learning.

Under our Initiative of Keeping a Child in School, you can be able to donate these items and more so school fees for a school-going child. School-going children need shoes, school uniforms, books, and any study material and instruments that you may come across. At Raise Them Up Foundation, we equally believing in giving an opportunity to every needy child. Join us in our drive to give better education and life to children and their mothers in different communities they live in.

During our last visit to areas of Mukono, we donated different items to families, and among them were clothes, shoes, and other household items for children and mothers. However, this wasn’t enough for everyone. We noticed a need for a second visit to families weren’t able to reach because of our few resources. We call upon all good-hearted individuals who share the same cause with us to come and join hands and put a smile on someone’s face.

Raise Them Up Staff Donates Shoes to children