Raise them up foundation runs core projects and these include the following:

Education Outreach

We have so far extended a hand to over 150 children in Uganda from both local and urban setting. our goal is to reach 1000 children in 5 Years
Education is the key to a good life. It gives one hope that, after completing the recommended phase, one will live a good life and afford the basic needs in life.
An orphaned child is usually an already traumatized child, psychologically due to the loss of parents and needs to be handled with care. One way of helping this child to live for a better normal life, is by first ensuring he gets the basic things like food, shelter, clothing then followed by the vital education. When this child is given education, he feels secure and aims at improving his life
But no matter what, education is the key that allows people to move up in the world, seek jobs and ultimately succeed fully in life. Education is very important and no one should be deprived of it. Whether an orphan or any other person in life.
We want to put a smile on the faces of these orphans and give them hope of a better future. We cater for the education of these orphaned children and we hope to assist more and more in accessing education in future.

Single Mothers Support

The organization carried out a baseline survey and identified a general problem in a certain group of people (single moms) who are under going through life pain and torture due to uncertainties like death ,calamities and domestic violence hence attacking the problem with a solution of entrepreneurship and improved livelihood.
Single mothers juggle many roles to provide and care for their children, often while struggling with complex issues. Facing these challenges, many single mothers are highly resilient, however others fall through the cracks. Raisethemupfoundation  can foster resilience by providing a range of supports; for single mother families these include educating their children, introducing hand work projects such as basket weaving, piggery rearing, poultry rearing, hair dressing, tailoring,  flexible employment and community support.
Single mothers want jobs that enable them to still look after their children and access affordable childcare for them. Working locally also helps families connect with their community.
Single mothers who call our support line, access our website and otherwise engage with us are grappling with an intersecting range of issues, most frequently including financial hardship and the related issues of housing affordability, lack of flexible and secure work, unaffordable or inaccessible childcare, the rising costs of public education, and the impacts of health, mental health and caring responsibilities. More than half our callers are also dealing with the ongoing repercussions of family violence, including financial abuse.

Child Support

Our organization initiated this project in 2015 to help young children especially orphaned ones to acquire quality education and life skills. So far, we have extended a hand to over 150 children in Uganda from both local and urban setting. Our goal is to reach 1000 children and surpass that number in the next 5 Years. The world and global society benefit when we help orphan children. Instead of harming themselves and others, they grow up to be responsible, healthy, adults that give back to the community they live in instead of taking away from it.The age limit of this program starts from 2 years and above whether male or female. We are here as Raise them up foundation to provide good care to  our premature children especially in their times of calamites like being abandoned and loosing their parents. Our purpose is to make orphaned children from miserable life and have a home “This is your home” to be their everyday. Raise them up foundation advocates for and promotes the rights and welfare of orphaned children. The organization focuses on educating them, supporting their social life by getting for them a home to gather from, helping them to learn life skills , getting them vocational training, community development, livelihood projects, provision of spiritual nourishment and development  of children and youth from marginalised communities in the country.
Her name is called Nyakato who stays in mukono with her grand parents where one of them doesnot see and that is the grand father . This girl has not reported back to school due to school fees and scholastic materials.with your help through donating for her can change her life and get her back to school before she is spoilt. kindly save her life by hitting on donate button.
His name is called Julius and he stays with his step mother and un fortuntely, his deaf. For all of his years in this world,he is unable to speak and worst of it ,he never got a chance to go to school where they teach sign language so as he can interact with the fellows. Julius found it as a challenge for him to interact with others and at he same time controlling his emotions life anger. so we think if atall he gets education and teach him sign language, we hope his life to change. Please support him with what you have by hitting on the donate button.
These are things which Nyakato need to get back to school.Please lets put a hand together as we turn her life from being orphaned to a child with her virtual parents.
Her name is called Nyakato a primary seven student at a certain school and she is fifteen years old. Nyakato said that she impregnanted by a houseboy from the same village and she managed to deliver a baby girl. the baby is now two weeks old and she said that after a boy knowing that she was pregnant, the boy disappeared from there and then. So far she has no support to take care of her baby and worse of it, she has no parents ,she was staying with the grand mum who is also having a problem of on leg failing to walk from nowhere. And really she needs to get back to school at the same time taking care of her baby. Nyakato really needs your help, your support is the rescue of tomorrow's mother.