Raise Them Up Foundation

Feeding Families in the lockdown

Families need our support in this current situation

Now not tomorrow is the time to make an impact on someone’s life (well being). The covid19 pandemic has pushed most of us a step back be it in business, finances, socialization to the extent that we rarely know what’s happening in our neighbourhood. Or even to the people who are considered to be most vulnerable.  When you give, no-matter how small you will always get back. Help feed a family in this pandemic season, poor and vulnerable families need our help and support. We at RaiseThemUp Foundation have identified many people that might need your attention and help. In our campaign Feed A Family, we visited the different areas in Mukono and we were able to give the little we had to some families. However, this wasn’t enough as we left many families untouched because of the little that we had. We, therefore, seek out to everyone who is willing to help, they can contact us for the people to help or send their support through. We are sure it will reach and touch the targeted individuals. We have a profile of different people you can support contact us for more or visit this page

Thank you, God Bless Your Giving hands.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
John Holmes
NY Army National Guard
Meet our youngest donor. This child is 6 years but still felt touched and donated 5kgs of posho. Charity Begins at Home.